Monday, March 30, 2009

Needles and Thread

For several years now, Avery has said that her ambition is to be a fashion designer. During Spring Break, we finally got a chance to have our first sewing lesson. I will post pictures later, but she did a great job! She started by cutting out the pattern and fabric to make a pair of pants. She cuts straighter than I do! We then learned to load a bobbin and thread the needle. She did most of the sewing on her pants. I only helped with the "curvy parts". When all was done, she said that she, "mostly loved sewing although she was afraid at first that she was going to stick herself with a needle, but she didn't." Maybe we will all be wearing her creations one day! She tells me that if she is a designer, all her clothes will be stretchy!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wil Words

We have been noticing lately that when Wil brushes his teeth by himself that his breath doesn't smell much better when he is done than when he started....anyone else ever have this experience? Well, last week Blake had had enough. He went in at bedtime to help Wil brush. Wil didn't exactly appreciate the help and wiggled the whole time Blake was brushing, which made it all the more uncomfortable. When he was done I went in to smooth things over with a whining boy and here is the conversation that followed:

Me: Wil, daddy just wants to teach you the right way to brush your teeth.

Wil: I don't want to be teached. I just want to be a normal kid! First school and now this!

What would be the fun in raising normal kids????

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Six Flags 2009

Well, as most of you know, we Barnetts love us a theme park. We have been getting season passes for Six Flags for most of Wil's life and go to DisneyWorld as often as possible. Last weekend was our first trip to 6 Flags of the year. Since we first purchased our passes at Six Flags Over Texas, this has to be our first destination year to pick up coupon books and all that great stuff. Normally, we try to make the pilgrimage to Dallas on a long weekend, but no time for that this year. We headed out at about 4:45 last Friday, stopped in Searcy to eat at Wendy's (mistakenly took the Race Street exit, which added many minutes to the trip!) and then arrived in Dallas a little after midnight. We spent the whole day in the park on Saturday with wonderful weather, just a little windy. Then woke up on Sunday, ate breakfast and headed home. On the way back I mentioned to Blake that it would be interesting to hear the kids talk about such trips when they are older. They will either think that we did some of the coolest stuff or that their parents completely lost their minds when they thought that Jonesboro to Dallas was a weekend trip! It is always so nice to just get out of town, away from all the obligations and enjoy being together. Many good memories from this trip, including Wil hitting on Hawk Girl ("You're Pretty!"), the kids pigging out on Dippin' Dots and Daddy creating a makeshift bench from the coffee table in our room so that we could all fit around the little table to enjoy sandwiches from the Subway next door to the hotel. Can't wait until our trip. I think they're taking me to Six Flags - St. Louis for Mother's Day.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heard at school

My children love the rare days when they get to come back to Annie Camp with me after school and play while I do work. Yesterday was one of those days. Avery loves to "play school" while we are there. That means Wil is her pupil. I sat down at my computer and she gathered books and got the board ready for school. She had Wil pick a seat and then started reading "Pink and Say" to him. She read a page or two and then asked, "Class, what does marauders mean?" Wil, answered, "Uh, I think it is a fancy word for head..." Of course, this was not correct and she told him in that sweet way that only a sister can, "Uh, NO!" Wil looked at me and said, "This school is NOT fun!" He then "dropped out" of school and proceeded to make a rocket out of my eraser and tops to Magic Markers.

Monday, March 2, 2009

"Well, at least it snowed"

Well, it's good to be back. I have been meaning to work on the blog, but the last few weeks have been tough.

The Barnett Family has been pretty busy. Wil remains busy with school and building towers and other such things that a 5 year old would be concerned with. He keeps telling me that he is going to college when he is 15, to be an astronaut. I wouldn't be surprised if he did.

Avery has been really busy. She auditioned for "Miracle Worker" at the Forum on Friday night and found out today that she will be one of the students at the school. She is so excited. Nothing can put a bigger smile on her face than being in a production. She and Blake also got the chance to enjoy the Sugar Plum Banquet at church on Saturday evening. She had a wonderful time dressing up. They were introduced upon arrival with a "spotlight and everything!" She received a flower from daddy and he said some sweet words to her. I think she thought the words were embarrassing,but I have a feeling she will always remember what he said!

We topped off the weekend by spending March 1st in the snow! I think Blake and I were complaining a little too much about the road conditions on the way to church and we heard Wil from the backseat say "Well, at least it snowed." Yes, it did and there was enough to play in! We came straight in from church and built a snowman. It didn't quite take shape like we had hoped. It went from being a snowman to an igloo, then a mountain and finally, a robot, fireman snowman. Avery wouldn't let Wil and I go in until it was "perfect". She is the designer in the family! What a great weekend (oh, and we also got to spend time with Tennyson, Brody and our precious new cousin Wyatt!).

Pictures of playing in the snow are at the bottom of the page. Would love to add them right under this post, but don't know how! Help!