Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Summer So Far - By Avery

So far this summer I got my hair cut the shortest it has ever been. It is right above my shoulder blade. I 've started guitar lessons at Back Beat. I got an acoustic Hannah Montana guitar. Sunday night my friend Mary Beth called. She said she wanted to have a sleep over. I was so exited. We went on her trampoline , played Nintendo and all sorts of stuff. Her older sister and her friends ran in the kitchen doing a race to get on the computer. In the morning We made play-doe. Once on the Trampoline, Mary Beth was on her club house that was a stack of bricks and I was on the trampoline, I tried to throw my shoes on the clubhouse. The first try it landed on the grass and her Golden Retriever hid it in the bushes and Mary Beth Had to crawl through and get it. In her basement ,on her radio we were singing and dancing to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus CDs. We took very funny pictures on her camera. I am looking forward to the rest of summer.

Wil Goes For A Swim

Wil took swimming lessons for the first time this summer. We decided he would do best with private lessons. He took lessons at the YMCA with Ms. Katie. I wish I could say that the lessons were a huge success and we will be headed to the Olympics one day, but I am afraid that is not the case! He did really well the first couple of days and then we had a weekend break. When we returned on Monday, fear had set in. The last three lessons were mostly spent trying to talk him into doing things! Even though it wasn't the huge success I was hoping for, it did get us up and out early (his lessons were at 8:45 a.m.!) and gave him a little experience!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last week of school

The last week of school was quite busy for the youngest Barnetts. Wil enjoyed several days of playing at Pre-K. One day was outdoor fun and it actually looked like they had brought Pump It Up to the Pre-K Center! Avery's last week was a flurry of activity. On Tuesday, they had an awards ceremony for P.E. Olympics, Mrs. Waddell's class won the Tug Of War award and they were the 3rd grade over all winners. Wednesday and Thursday, Mrs. Waddell let everyone bring board games. Avery was excited to take Mystery Date to enjoy with her friends. Thursday was also the Academic Awards. Avery got an award for the "A Team" for the Spring Semester (All A's) and a certificate for being on the A and B honor roll all year long. Friday was Fun Day at VPA. All students took a snack lunch and got to play outside, learn a dance or two, see a talent show put on by the teachers and listen to the Blue's Lady in concert. Avery was quite sad for 3rd grade to end. She had a wonderful year. We were very blessed for both our children to have the greatest teachers this year! Included in this post are a couple of pictures from the awards ceremony of Avery and her friends, Mary Beth and Mackenzie.