Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome, Fall!

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! I have loved the past few weeks with the cooler weather. I have my pumpkin spice candles out and apple cider in the fridge at all times. We are slowly making the transition from summer to fall clothing in the closets and drawers. Both kids had a growth spurt recently, so a shopping trip in going to be needed to round out the wardrobes (at least until Christmas).
This past weekend we got to go to one of our absolute favorite fall events....The Goat Roast! We have been going to this event, hosted by family friends, since before Blake and I were married. Now, the kids look forward to it year round. Saturday, we made the trip to Hardy and enjoyed time at the Young's home. They have the most beautiful setting. We were able to sit in the sun room and use binoculars to watch wild turkey cross the pasture below. The food, well it is simply the best! Just imagine the best church potluck you've ever been to! I don't think I need to eat a thing this week after what all we had Saturday! My favorite thing this year was watching my children interact with the older people there. There were several older ladies that adopted Avery as an extra grandchild! She spent the evening showing them her digital camera and all the pictures she was taking (will add those to the site soon!). She just talked and talked to them! Wil did his job entertaining. One lady told me that another couple was unable to attend this year and that they was sad to miss "the boy"! Everyone remembered that he had started Kindergarten and wanted to know how it was going. Wil's other favorite is the Young's spiral staircase and loft. He has come home before with carpet burn on his stomach from sliding down the stairs!
Hooray for fall! We are looking forward to all the fall festivals, our fall outing to Six Flags in Dallas, the Miley Cyrus concert, Thanksgiving and Christmas (which Avery told me tonight was only 72 days away!).