Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday (Winter Blast 2009 Edition)

A few things we are extra thankful for following a LONG week...
1. heat
2. satellite/cable (ok, we were always thankful for those..)
3. Mimi's house. She had 6-8 extra people sleeping over for an entire week! The kids are ready to go back.
4. Aunt Lisa, those of you who know us, know what I mean.
5. hot showers
6. cell phones
7. battery powered video games (for kids, not Blake)
8. people who get trees off of houses (we are also thankful that "Scyamore", our beloved Bradford Pear tree, survived the storm. Don't ask me why we name our trees, we just do!)
9. light! (Blake says he now understands why they were always outside on "Little House on the Prarie!"
10. Out of ideas, so I'll end with a quote from one of Wil's prayers that says it all (well almost) "God,I'm thankful for everybody and everything...Jesus' Name IS Amen."