Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Miracle Worker

I guess you could say that Avery is now a community theater veteran. She just completed her first play at the Forum. She played the part of a blind student in "The Miracle Worker". I can't begin to tell you what a positive experience it was! She truly loves theater! Last week was nothing but practice and performances and I don't remember a single complaint! All the older kids and adults in the play were so sweet to her and such good role models. The students weren't on stage much, so in between their part and curtain call, a couple of the older "students" spent time curling her hair and putting extra make up on her. I think she was like a real live doll to them! We are sad that it is over, but looking forward to what is to come. The next show up is "Beauty and the Beast." While it doesn't have parts for girls under age 15, we are looking forward to going to watch some of our new friends. Next school year, they will do "Snow White" and Avery is already planning for what she would like to be!!!!

Wil's Spring Musical

Jonesboro Pre-K had their Spring Musicals last week. I got to go see Wil perform on Wednesday. It was so cute! They entered the room all wearing penguin hats. Wil wore his for all of 2 seconds and took it off. I was glad to see they were only wearing them for one song anyway. I, as always, picked the wrong seat, so the pictures aren't terrific. There are a couple from after the show that are cute. His favorite song from the performance seems to be the one titled, "The Mud Puddle Jumped On Me!" Ask him to sing it for you sometime!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009