Sunday, January 30, 2011

We have a blog?

Where to begin???? I guess to say we've been a little busy is putting it mildly. We had a great first semester in school. Can't believe Avery half-way done with 5th grade (Jr. High is way too close!) and Wil is nearing 2nd grade. They both love there teachers this year and are doing great. Avery is enjoying Art Curator's Club, an academy where she gets to help Mrs. Carrington, the art teacher, every Wednesday and Thursday. She just started a Script Writing Academy and couldn't be more excited. Wil started his very first academy last week, Outside Games. He really enjoyed the first day, although he reported that his team didn't win. I hope he gets to go to his 2nd week,as I am typing this he is sick with strep throat. Poor bubby!

Avery was in her 2nd play at the Forum in December. She played one of the Martini children in "It's A Wonderful Life." She loves her drama! They just announced that VPA's spring musical will be "Alice In Wonderland" and she is already preparing for auditions!

Another Christmas treat was our trip to Six Flags Over Texas for Holiday in the Park. We left the day after Thanksgiving and got to enjoy a couple of days in Dallas, riding rides, looking at Christmas lights, enjoying the music and LOVING the food! Looks like another family tradition has been born!

2011 looks pretty good so far. We are praying that God has some wonderful things in store for us. I will be working toward finishing my National Board portifolios, which are due in March. Blake continues to work hard at Wells Fargo and we are so happy that he is not always on the road anymore! Blessings abound!

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